Chip Ganassi Racing Unveils New Sustainability Platform



Posted on 04/11/2024

Chip Ganassi Racing Unveils New Sustainability Platform

INDIANAPOLIS (April. 11, 2024) – Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) celebrates Earth Month by announcing a new sustainability platform, “One Team, One Planet” that will advance current ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) efforts throughout the organization and beyond. Under three main pillars, CGR's sustainability goals include 100% renewable energy, zero waste, carbon emissions reduction, and community engagement.

Motorsports may seem an unlikely platform to further sustainability.  Growth of the sport occurred when fossil fuel-burning cars were the only option, but the industry thrives on technology and innovation. CGR will use its passion for innovation and continuous improvement to push toward a more sustainable future.  Motorsports occupies a global stage and brings an opportunity to inspire change and uplift the communities where the team works and races. CGR looks to lead the way in creating a more sustainable racing future, by recognizing that the responsibility goes beyond our walls and toward the companies and brands that we support.


The guiding vision behind One Team, One Planet: At Chip Ganassi Racing, our passion extends beyond the thrill of the race. We’re dedicated to our community, both on and off the track, where excellence isn’t just a goal but a journey of continuous improvement. We race with purpose, knowing that every stride toward efficiency and improvement propels us forward in the forever race of a sustainable future.

One Team, One Planet focuses on three major pillars - In Our Community, On the Road, and Beyond the Finish Line - with partners, vendors, and suppliers, as well as in their own business operations.

In Our Community addresses efforts, we can take to drive efficiency in our daily operations and have positive impact in the communities surrounding our Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, facilities. These efforts will focus on sustainable improvements to our shop, including the aim to eventually be powered by 100% renewable energy and the goal to achieve zero waste by recycling and composting at least 90% of waste. This work also includes our commitment to engage more diverse communities in STEM Education and to participate in local community projects throughout the year.

On the Road recognizes the opportunity to inspire change and uplift communities where CGR races. This includes reducing waste, specifically single-use plastic, as our team travels. Additionally, upon completion of a carbon emissions analysis, the team recognizes the need to focus specifically on more sustainable, efficient transportation and logistics to reduce the carbon emissions of those in their supply chain (Scope 3 emissions).

Beyond the Finish Line empowers the team to drive a more sustainable future for racing by going beyond the races and shop and engaging the team’s supply chain.  Local suppliers and products made of healthier, more natural materials will be prioritized.



Chip Ganassi, Owner, Chip Ganassi Racing: This is something we take very seriously as we aim to be the best team on and off the track,” said Team Owner Chip Ganassi. “We’re excited to address sustainability in the ways CGR believes are important and impactful to our team, our sport, and our community. We’re looking forward to all that’s to come.”

John Olguin, EVP Business Operations: "Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are excited to continue working with both existing and new partners to continuously take steps in the right direction. We're already on the right track with many existing ESG efforts like working with local trade schools and improving our current recycling program. But there's so much more work to be done. The opportunities are endless, and we're looking forward to the road ahead."


Kristen Fulmer, Head of Sustainability for Oak View Group & Director of GOAL: “Racing is a uniquely difficult industry to authentically address sustainable solutions, but since the beginning, the CGR team has approached this task with the same level of ambition and leadership that they approach every race. Together, we’ve worked extensively to identify topics that are material to their business and to set goals that are ambitious, yet attainable and we are confident that they’ll continue to set a measurable impact on their industry and the wider GOAL network.”


GOAL: CGR is a Founding Member of GOAL (Green Operations and Advanced Leadership), a sustainability network created by Oak View Group, Fenway Sports Group, and others. CGR has been directly supported by GOAL in a year-long engagement to determine the most appropriate and authentic sustainability platform for the team. Support including on-site visits of all facilities, observations of race-day activities, interviews with key leaders across the organization, environmental data collection, and assessment of sustainability-related opportunities and gap analysis for further improvements. 

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