Join the 'Count Us In Challenge'

Extreme E


Posted on 06/21/2022

Join the 'Count Us In Challenge'

Looking for a way to make a tangible difference when it comes to climate change? Help Kyle LeDuc, Sara Price and Chip Ganassi Racing through Extreme-E’s “Count Us In Challenge!”

Extreme-E and Count Us In have partnered to leverage the power of motorsports and inspire people to raise awareness and put forth efforts toward a greener future. This campaign is another example of Extreme-E’s commitment to inspiring everyone they interact with to change course for the good of our home planet. Join us and play a part by taking steps to reduce your own carbon footprint.

Through this campaign, over 300,000 individuals have already combined to save 165,163,293 KG of CO2e Carbon to date. Follow these practical steps below to take action and support the team at the same time!

  1. Visit this LINK to learn more about the challenge
  2. Click “Take a Step For Your Team” and select GMC HUMMER EV Chip Ganassi Racing
  3. Log your positive steps toward combating climate change, including growing trees, reducing bottled water use and cutting food waste, among many others
  4. Encourage teammates to do the same, as we climb the leaderboard and positively affect the environment at the same time!